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Contemporary Approaches to Art – Athens 2011

Contemporary Approaches to Art – Athens 2011

In collaboration with the Liaisons Office of Athens School of Fine Arts, artists from various parts of Europe and Greece residing and studying in Athens, take part in this group exhibition aiming to present an aspect of the contemporary art scene in Athens today. The young artists participate with various techniques and media, from charcoal on paper to video, space installations and performance art. Curation: Ildikó Sarkadi, Design and Art Manager.

Anita Gauran, Installation
Space Dreams: 12 photographs and a line. This is a fictional project of architecture, which also function somewhat as a symbol of the mind (confined space). The role of photography is to report from inside the capsule, these living spaces. The central design is inspired by the capsule MPCV (project planned by NASA and lead by Lockheed Martin). The installation combines imagination and concrete, through history, especially the conquest of space. It reflects the insecurities of our daily lives despite the advances in technology since the 60s. Referring to architectural movements such as that of Archigram or metabolism. In cinemas from Chris Marker, Peter Watkins, Andrei Tarkovsky… To artists like Anne and Patrick Poirier, Tom Drahos, Thanassis Rentz… A new wave of electronic music and rock n roll. And influence in literature, Jorge Luis Borges, Antonin Artaud, cut up the text of the beat generation as William Burroughs…
Anita Gauran was born in Toulouse, France in 1988. She studies Fine Arts in Rennes and from 2010 to 2011 she participates at the program Erasmus in Athens School of Fine Arts.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Boris Lafargue, Installation
“I am not trying to be a contemporary artist” is a work about a question that artists should ask themselves when their production tends to become commodity rather than a reflection. It is a response to the work of Belgian artist Emilio Lopez Menchero “Trying to be …”, he wants to be “inside the skin” of famous people (Balzac) and tries to imitate them.
Boris Lafargue lives and works in Lille, France and Athens, Greece. After learning to be a sculptor with Vassilios Michail and Hérvé Lesieur, he joined the workshops of Tranos and Lappas. His work questions, through the installation and the assembly, political, cultural and humans ideas.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Svetlana Limnios, Performance
Rendezvous: Two dressed human beings (male and female), two flowerpots, soil. Attempting reconciliation with the nature.
Svetlana Limnios was born in Tomsk, Siberia, Russia. From 2005 to 2006 she studied Traditional Korean Painting with artist Noksan Gujaok, Geoje, South Korea. From 2007 to 2008 she studied Drawing and Painting at Plakas Arts Center. From 2008 to present she studies at Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Laura Martin De Blado, Photography
“Constructing the Destruction” is the name of the photography project. I have been taken many pictures of ruined and uninhabited houses trying to find the beauty of the destruction. Photomontages are composed with fragments of the images and new constructions are created with the destruction of uninhabited places giving a sense of regeneration and constant change over time.
Laura Martin De Blado was born in Girona, Spain in 1986. In 2004 she started fine art studies in the University of Barcelona. In 2009 she studied sculpture in the University of Chile. She is finishing her fine art studies in Athens, Greece. She has done solo and group exhibitions in Spain and Chile.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
David Perez Garcia, Performance
Rendezvous: Two dressed human beings (male and female), two flowerpots, soil. Attempting reconciliation with the nature.
David Perez Garcia was born in Seville, Spain. He studied sculpture in metal, stone and wood. He has participated and organized the performance festival in Granada and has participated in other group exhibitions.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Sabina Andrés Rodrigálvarez, Engraving
The theme of “mapifications” and routes comes from far as a recurrent theme in my work. Analyzing geographic conditions, re-interpreting the space as my personal experiences and transportation, cutting, fragmenting and ultimately rebuilding the logical representation of reality is my objective. In this project the maps of Barcelona and Athens are mixed as my personal view of the cities where I live-ed. I make my personal and subjective connections between the two cities trying to discover new points of view, new narrations based on new coding criteria.
Sabina Andrés Rodrigálvarez was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1988. She was admitted in the School of Fine Arts of University of Bacelona in 2006. She has participated in woodcut lessons in Centro International de las Estampa Contempranea and lithography lessons in Talles Ewquina. She is completing her specialization in print making in Athens in 2011. She has participated in group exhibitions in Barcelona.
[Biography updated on: 3/6/2011]
Eulalia Sellares I Buscart, Photography
With this work I look for the mind’s games. Is your mind who gives you fear, or is your mind who is pressuring yourself…
Eulalia Sellares I Buscart was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1985. She studied at the University of Barcelona and got her Higher Diploma in Fine Arts. Since 2007, member of the artistic group La Solitaria, Manlleu. She has participated in group exhibitions in Spain.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Julie Siskova, Photography
When I was in Peru, I made my “underground ceramic”, which was a process of making different holes in the sand, earth with roots, stones etc. In Greece I decided to find some interesting traces mainly done by people, animals and wheels in the earth, sand and also pavements in Athens. So I have created a collection of traces by means of photographs and plaster. I am sleuthhound trying to find the right way by following up the scent.
Julie Siskova was born in Susice, Czech Republic in 1984. From 2004 to 2006 she studied ceramics and porcelain in the University J.E. Purkyne in Usti nad Labem and in the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. In 2008 she studied photography in the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In 2009 she studied sculpture in Pontificia Catholic University of Peru in Lima. In 2011 she studied sculpture in Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in exhibitions in Czech Republic.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Ana Torralba Loyo, Video
Ana Torralba Loyo was born in Santander, Spain in 1987. She moves to Madrid and joins the faculty of fine arts. Her interest for the photography and the illustration begins to take form in the University of Vigo (Galicia) where she works with the image departing from the metaphor of the daily thing. Currently she is a senior at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Gina Dellasouda, Engraving
Gina Dellasoudou was born in Athens in 1978. She graduated from Piramatiko School of Athens University and she has a degree in European Studies. Since 2009 she is a student at Athens School of Fine Arts at the Firsts Engravings Studio and she is a candidate for a doctoral from the Kapodistriako University of Athens with thesis the representation of vulnerable groups in art and the role of art work on their integration into the community. She has made covers (4) for university books with subject on people with disabilities and has participated in the illustration of intercultural education books. She has taught art games at the elementary school of Piramatiko School of Athens University. In regard to engraving, she mainly deals with kollagrafia and various etching techniques. Her thematic areas are: nature – human – urban landscape.
[Biography updated on: 24/5/2012]
Alexandros Kaklamanos, Video Installation
Alexandros Kaklamanos was born in Athens in 1982. He graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a bachelor in Economics Science. In 2006 he started studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts. In 2010 he participated in the Erasmus–Socrates program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Artesis) in Antwerp, Belgium, at the In Situ department. He has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and Belgium. He lives in Athens and is a senior at A.S.F.A.
[Biography updated on: 24/5/2012]
Sophie Livanou, Engraving
The rendering of rust at the large imposing form of a ship’s bow was the primary study at her paintings. This search of texture and the passage of time on matter was an the main theme at her work with engraving techniques. This matter is rendered now at the formally structure volume of a building from a point of view that reminiscent of a ship’s form.
Sophie Livanou was born in Athens in 1978. She graduated from Second High School of Galatsi in 1995 and during the same year she was admitted at Athens School of Fine Arts. She studied at the Third Painting Studio with professor Rena Papaspyrou and she graduated with honors in 2001. She was awarded at the annual competition for the “Prize Yannis Spyropoulos” in 1999 and at the competition of the International Athens Airport in 2001. She has also been awarded at the competition of I.S.A.P. In 2001 for the renovation of the Piraeus Station and she has was awarded the second prize in painting at the “5th Meeting of Young Artists” organized by Vacalo School in 2002. Since 2003 she studies at Athens School of Fine Arts for getting her second degree in the field of Engravings, while she is participating at the Graphic Arts – Typography and Book Art Studio with professor Leoni Vidali. She has participated in many exhibitions.
[Biography updated on: 24/5/2012]
Eratia Meletiou, Painting
Eratia Meletiou was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1985. She has participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus and Greece. She is a senior at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Thanasis Papadopoulos (TANO), Painting
The work is dealing with reality as it might be beyond the limitations of the ordinary human senses. The perception of the Cosmos through the “eyes” of each living being is different and it is dependent by what the senses of the being allow to be perceived. This work is an attempt to approach other aspects of what IS, using intuition and techniques of non ordinary perception of reality. The oldest spiritual traditions of humanity are the most appropriate means for this kind of exploration. These traditions are known to today’s world as Shamanism and this work is an artistic research on this field.
Thanasis Papadopoulos (TANO) was born in the Kavala, Greece in 1978. He started drawing from elementary school and he started graffiti from high school. He is one of the first graffiti artists of Greece and his works are shown in Greece and other European cities. He studies painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts and his current work is about spirituality, thought and the nature of existence.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Christos Papasotiriou, Painting
Intentions | The work reflects the result of an action and implies the its reversal through “UNDO”.
Christos Papasotiriou was born in Chalkida, Greece in 1989. He studies in the Athens School of Fine Arts and has participated in group exhibitions.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Alice Souma, Painting
During 2011 I did some studies in painting. I was interested to see the painting as an exhibit. The work is a collage of the paintings themselves and prints of them photographed, all put together in a wall.
Alice Souma is in the third year of her studies in Athens School of Fine Arts. She has participated in two group exhibitions.
[Biography updated on: 2/6/2011]
Christina Fotopoulou, Video
The project deals with the state of entrapment. It portrays the attempt to escape from a limiting agent. The body cannot escape. Its movements are between struggle and an informal dance, without emotional outbreaks. The agony is transformed into something else, indeterminate, and often colorful.
Christina Fotopoulou was born in Messinia in 1982. She has a degree in Graphic Arts. Currently she is studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts at the department of painting. She is enrolled in Video–art and sculpture classes.
[Biography updated on: 24/5/2012]

Duration: 17/6/2011 – 30/6/2011