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Κατερίνα Ανδρέου | Oneironautics

9/11/2012 – 1/12/2012
Enduro Mantis Religios, 2011Archaeologists Before Deciding to Get Married, 2011Beach Reflection, 2011Dark Side of the Moon, 2011End of Summer, 2011Full Moon, 2011Hospital, 2010How Do You Drink Your Coffee, 2011Χταποδάκι στα Κάρβουνα, 2009I Am Not a Vegeterian, 2011I Miss You Too, 2011Me and Granpa, 2011Paintings Are Windows You Do Not Open With Your Hands, 2011Strange Perspective, 2012Τσόκαρο, 2009Soup, 2012Fear Cornfield, 2012Gravity, 2012Ideal Cornfield, 2012Paper Teachers, 2012Pedestal Cloud, 2012Wired, 2012
Enduro Mantis Religios, 2011 | Μαρκαδόροι σε χαρτί | 21x29 cm
Enduro Mantis Religios – 2011 [1]